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Resources for the tech leader

Logicalis annual CIO report

Each year, we conduct a survey of 1,000 technology leaders worldwide, spanning various sectors and organisations, to explore how the role of the CIO is evolving.

This year’s survey, The Changing Face of Tech Leadership, looks at the disruptive forces including AI and cyber threats, and how they're dominating the priority list for CIOs.

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Managed IT services

CIOs are adapting to market challenges by making strategic decisions that drive growth and differentiation in our digital-first world.

They are creating strategies for sustainable business outcomes, efficiency improvement, and meeting the increasing demand for innovation from customers and employees.

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Sustainable IT

By harnessing technology, fostering collaboration across the organisation, embracing data-driven decision-making, and working with the right partners, CIOs can take a leading role in driving their organisations to a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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CIO Summit

This year the CIO Summit takes to the road! Our expert Architects of Change are coming to a city near you. From London to Lisbon, Sydney to Hong Kong and many other cities worldwide!

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The evolving role of IT in enabling sustainable transformation

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Managed digital fabric platform: a real-time, centralised view of your digital ecosystem

The Managed Digital Fabric platform enables customers to run their IT infrastructure and applications more efficiently, securely, and sustainably.

Based on machine learning and AI, our award-winning Managed Digital Fabric Platform provides customers with a real-time view of their digital infrastructure across cloud, security, workplace, and connectivity using these critical performance metrics:

Reliability | Security | Compliance | Environmental impact | Economics | User experience 

See how the Digital Fabric Platform can benchmark your business capabilities against industry averages, and provide actionable insights across the performance of your digital ecosystem.

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Helping customers succeed

Logicalis enhances APDL's Network with Cisco ACI

APDL was looking for a data centre switching solution that would allow its data centre to be extended and micro-segmented, facilitating agile application management, high performance and automation.

Re think with Logicalis

The past few years have redefined the business and IT landscape in more ways than one. Our Re think series brings you the latest insights and top tips to navigate the unpredictable.

Connectivity for an evolving world

Our latest Re think whitepaper examines the technology supercharging connectivity and the options available to oganisations to provide secure, scalable and sustainable intelligent connectivity.

Economic resilience

With resilience, agility and courage, you will be able to ride the waves of disruption and forge toward the long term goals of your business digital-first world. So, you can create a sustainable business, with outcomes that matter.

Related insights

Why the CIO is key to driving business sustainability

Sustainability initiatives in the business world, are becoming more of a requirement and technology plays a central role. Read Bob's three steps for CIOs to become leaders in driving their sustainability agendas.

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How CIOs are building resilience with digital managed services

While CIOs are helping organisations to innovate at pace and scale, it’s never been more important to balance that momentum with risk awareness and resilience.

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New platform from Logicalis gives CIOs real-timeview of environmental impact

Logicalis announces the launch of the Managed Digital Fabric Platform, created to give CIOs a real-time view of how their entire digital ecosystem is performing across key metrics, including environmental impact.

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