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The past few years have redefined the business and IT landscape in more ways than one. 

Our Re think series brings you the latest insights and top tips to navigate the unpredictable.

Re think Security in the era of AI

Powerful AI tools like generative AI bring unprecedented opportunities, as well as massive new risks. Results from our Global CIO Report 2024 reflect this, with 89% of survey respondents saying AI is now a top priority for their business, but 72% feeling apprehensive about the challenge of getting it right.

The impact of AI on Security is a perfect example of how we are on the cusp of a new era of defence and a new era of attack. In our latest Re think whitepaper we explore the issues and how you can prepare for unprecedented change.


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Connectivity for an evolving world

Businesses flourish when their leaders create environments that can adapt to maximise opportunities, while also mitigating the inevitable risks. The ability to scale, both sustainably and securely, has never been more valuable.

Our latest Re think whitepaper examines the technology supercharging connectivity and the options available to organisations to provide secure, scalable and sustainable intelligent connectivity.

Economic resilience

To say the economic outlook for 2023 is “unpredictable” could be the understatement of the year. The pressure can seem overwhelming, but as a technology leader you know you can’t afford to freeze in the eye of the storm. The key is to stay calm, look at all the relevant facts, and plot a course that can adapt to the changing conditions, while still moving you in the right direction.

With resilience, agility and courage, you will be able to ride the waves of disruption and forge toward the long term goals of your business digital-first world. So, you can create a sustainable business, with outcomes that matter.

Download the first in our series of Re think whitepapers that examines the challenges ahead, and how you as a technology leader can overcome them.

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