PRC FinOps

Optimise to drive business outcomes and deliver more value from your IT spend.

Ensure your cloud environment is optimised, so you can deploy your finances to fund business impact projects.

What's going on in the market?

average cloud spend wasted by customers (IDC)
of enterprises say cloud spend is a concern. (Logicalis)
of organisations are spending more on cloud than they initially budgeted.(Logicalis)

Why FinOps?

Average customer is wasting cloud spend

Analysts are telling us that the average customer is wasting up to 35% of their cloud spend, which could be spent on mission critical projects.

Do more with less

IT is being asked to deliver more to the business without the increase in budgets often required to achieve this. Optimise your environment to do more with less, and get more value from your IT spend.

Redeploy finances to fund future projects

By optimising your cloud environment, you can find cost savings that can be redeployed to fund additional projects that drive business outcomes.

Deliver on OpEx models

By having confidence and visibility in your cloud environment, you can successfully charge internal departments based on cloud usage to achieve a true OpEx model within your organisation.

Why choose FinOps Managed Service?

Financial skill set

To extract the most value out of any FinOps solution, you need a team with the right skill set to analyse and interpret the environment data. At Logicalis we have a team of experts able to advise you on the most effective actions based on your goals/workloads.

Faster ROI

With our simplified onboarding process, we could have you up and running within a matter of weeks, and optimising your environment faster. Take our free 30 days POV to see how our PRC FinOps managed service can highlight immediate areas of opportunity to reduce costs and reinvest your resources.

Key recommendations

Our FinOps service leverages the Digital Fabric Platform to give those overarching scores from an economic perspective and the key recommendations on what's going to save you the most money and make the biggest impact to your budget immediately.

Confidence in your environment

When we're looking after your public cloud, you can be confident that you're not wasting any money and have the resources necessary to budget more effectively. Out team of experts are available 24/7 to ensure you have the confidence that your platform is fully optimised and driving business outcomes.

Our FinOps onboarding process

Our solutions are designed to take you on a journey using a tried, tested and repeatable framework. Starting with an assessment through to a managed services that helps you to continually optimise at scale. 


Demonstration of the FinOps capability.

- Free 30 day POV
- Capability demonstration


FinOps tooling deployment and onboarding to Logicalis services.

- Platform implementation
- Workload migration


Continually optimise and innovate at scale with managed services.

- Ongoing innovation
- Recommendations
- Optimisation

Are you ready to take the first steps towards FinOps?

Try our free 30 day proof of value for PRC FinOps, to quickly see the benefits to your organisation. Contact us today to arrange your free trial.

Request a 30 day POV

Production Ready Cloud Managed Service

PRC FinOps is available as a stand alone component of the fully managed Production Ready Cloud service. This makes it quicker and easier to onboard to the FinOps service to start realising immediate organisational benefits. However this also offers the opportunity to upgrade to the full PRC Managed Service at a later date. Find out more about PRC by watching the video below.

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Production Ready Cloud - building blocks

Production Ready Cloud is made up of multiple building blocks, allowing you to choose the package that best suits your organisations objectives.


Achieve actionable insights and transparency into cloud spend.

- FinOps cost optimisation
- FinOps governance and budgets
- FinOps maturity assessment
- FinOps cost reports OOB


Implement a secure cloud platform.

- Cloud security posture management
- Compliance management
- Unified visibility into security threats
- Unified visibility into vulnerabilities
- SecOps reports OOB

PRC Complete

Full managed service including FinOps, SecOps and the following features.

- Monitoring and event management
- Incident management
- DR testing and recovery
- Cloud Architecture as a Service (CAaaS)

The FinOps Factor: Optimizing Cloud Spend for Enablement

In Episode 7 of CloudBrew, CoreStack's NextGen Cloud Governance podcast, you’ll get a managed services perspective from Sonia Grozdanoska, Cloud Product Owner, Logicalis, and Venkatesh Perumal, Field-CTO, CoreStack. With a focus on authentic, proven FinOps, you’ll learn all about optimizing cloud spend to drive enablement and future investment.

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Cloud specialists

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